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Jeliku is not only the safety of innovative toy, but also can be the promotion item for advertising. The advertising space will show your brand, product and design perfectly. It is the special instructure, so that everyone can create their own unique shape, it can make a variety of creative styles, but also can be the unique decoration on the desk. After folding is about the business card size, easy to carry with, let your brand can be reflected the hearts of customers at any time.
If you are going to search for the new version of business promotional item, exclusive customization of Jeliku is definitely your excellent marketing product.

Safe, durable and long-lasting

Jeliku is made of high-grade and certified material which is non-toxic and eco-friendly. Jeliku conforms to many rigorous toy standards, including EN71, USA ASTM F963, Taiwan ST and Japan ST. We ensure a secure engagement and adhere to provide latest product with excellent quality. Most of all, we love to see the smile on kids’ faces while they have great fun playing Jeliku.

How to make your promotional gifts?

  • 2 Size

    There are versions for Jeliku, the size for 2 versions are different.

    Version 1: 80 x 68 mm /  Version 2: 99 x 77 mm

  • Printing Area

    In the maximum and minimum printing area, the printing area of Jeliku can be asked by customize design, perfectly to present your brand or design.

  • The way to present your design

    Laser engraving / Digital printing / 3D relief / full colour print epoxy sticker, which are multi process to make your brand is more unique.

  • Colour Collection

    Single colour / 2 colours / 3 colours / multi colour which can come with multi colour collection. There are 6 standard colours to select, the specified PMS colour is also available for customers.

  • Packing

    We provide you 4 packing options for you.


Folded size

Folded size:

  • 1 ver. JELIKU → 80 x 68 mm
  • 2 ver. JELIKU → 99 x 77 mm


Folded Jeliku is cuboid, large area for customization, and various styles for assembly without limit. A business card size for Jeliku version 1, which is easy to stow into pocket and carry with, no bothering. Version 2 is larger in size, which is easier to play with.

Unfold size:

  • Jeliku version 1: about 41cm
  • Jeliku version 2: about 45cm


Unfold Jeliku looks like 101 tower, larger extend , and brings users various of style for assembly with no limit.

Version 1 : unfold size is about 41cm, containing 10 frames, light and practical.

Version 2: unfold size is about 45cm, round frame brings excellent feel.

Weight and thickness


  • 1 ver. Jeliku → 0.9 g
  • 2 ver. Jeliku → 1.5 g


  • 1 ver. Jeliku → 6 mm
  • 2 ver. Jeliku → 7.5 mm


The thickness of Jeliku is less than 7.5mm, slim and light design is enable to hold and attach to palm perfectly, weight is less than 1.5 g, it’s easy to put in house as decoration or carry with you , play anytime and anywhere without limit.


Printing area:

  • 1 ver. Jeliku → full area printing : 65 x 77 mm / It’s able to make digital printing logo on the first frame: 30 x 10 mm
  • 2 ver. Jeliku → full area printing: 72 x 95 mm

The minimum printing area:

  • 1 ver. Jeliku → Plastic Plate Print – 30 x 10 mm


Jeliku V1:besides full area digital printing, it’s able to combine the 1st frame & the 2nd frame for making small area digital printing, letting logo or design to be stayed on central, which is the straight way to show your advertisement on Jeliku.

Jeliku V2: with larger advertising area so full size digital printing is recommended for this version. Such as photograph, picture, photo or painting, it’s perfect to display art product, comic peripherals or souvenirs.



Explicit and Distinctive

To make good logo impression and increase brand exposure, digital printing skill brings large advertising area.


Exquisite and Unique

With grey tone color, laser engraving conveys your message to your target groups powerfully and effectively, via an elegant and undertone approach.


Spectacular and Remarkable

A fun way to spread your brand logo. Try to image that your target group will play your logo in hand all the time.


Special and Exclusive

The epoxy doming sticker is ideal for the brand logo with gradual color.



6 basic colors for option Available for specific color (according to PMS number)


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