Creative Puzzle Toys – Holder Idea

Creative Toys – Holder Idea

Like no other educational toy, Jeliku can be the toy on the desk or in the office. In busy working, you can feel free to play Jeliku, to get happy from it, and also can relieve the stress for muscles of your hands and eyes, and temporarily to leave the computer to relieve the pressure from work. Besides, you can also make the special style and design decoration through your own thoughts and creating. For example, multi-functional glass shelf, smartphone holder and business card holder, even more to make rubber band hooks. Those incredible modeling has no external constraints, just need to have your own unlimited imagination to create your own modeling.


Cell phone holder

Stationery tidy

Watch holder

glasses stand

Tablet stand

Key holder

Display stand

CD holder


Stationery stand

Commemorative coin holder

Rubber band holder

More Creative Puzzle Modeling


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