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Jeliku 接力酷為台灣設計的創意玩具!


我們希望 Jeliku 接力酷能為世界帶來更多樂趣!

If you’re interested in Jeliku product and would like to be Jeliku authorized agent, please complete application from below, and we’ll contact with you.

Welcome you to be Jeliku authorized agent!

Application process

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    If you’re interested to be Jeliku authorized dealer, please complete “Jeliku authorized agent application form”.

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    After receiving your application form, we’ll assign authorized stuff to contact with you for discussing details. Please pay attention to your telephone and mailbox for contact.

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    With agreement check and approval process done, signed contract and you are Jeliku authorized agent!

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Welcome you to apply to be Jeliku authorized agent! We’ll assign dedicated stuff to contact with your for details.

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