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Safe, durable and long-lasting, Jeliku is made of high-grade and certified material which is non-toxic and eco-friendly. Jeliku conforms to many rigorous toy standards, including EN71, USA ASTM F963, Taiwan ST and Japan ST. We ensure a secure engagement and adhere to provide latest product with excellent quality. Most of all, we love to see the smile on kids’ faces while they have great fun playing Jeliku.

Jeliku is a unique desktop toy, will not occupy too much space. After spread up, Jeliku is up to 45cm, can make any arbitrary rack for placing a business card, stationery or hook, or become a unique desktop decoration. When folded up, it is only a business card size.
Combined with more than two products, comes along with countless possibilities. The special structure of Jeliku makes everyone create an unique shape for each one. Through the sharing the modelings and exchanging ideas, you can experience fun and joy from Jeliku.


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