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Jeliku, a Taiwanese design, is an innovative educational toy with a simple and neat appearance but many changes. As a result, it makes an excellent children’s learning toy. As a children’s learning toy, it is safe and simple, but with a lot of creative ideas it can make children do.

The unique patent structure for bending, stacking, and combining results in wonderful and unusual shapes. You can play whenever and wherever you want, without regard to time or space.

Jeliku is a high-quality and safe product made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials. Jeliku also meets national toy testing requirements.

Jeliku is not only the innovative educational toy, but also can be the promotion items. Customize logo design, Jeliku will be your best promotion selection.

1 Jeliku, 2 Functions

Creative Puzzle Toy

We provide instructions for a variety of things or animals that you can play with, and as a creative toy, you can encourage your children to use their imaginations to create amazing artwork.

Jeliku is a puzzle and stacking toy; all you have to do with Jeliku is fold and stack it to make the thing you want. You can make an inquiry to ask your children to do something for you in order for them to learn the knowledge you want to teach them.

Corporate Gifts

Jeliku is not only a creative toy, but it can also be used as a promotional item or given away. On Jeliku, you can personalize your logo or pattern. When you play with it, you can increase the exposure of your brand in the meantime.

Jeliku can be used as a decorative item with multiple functions, such as picture easels or cell phone holders. Put a Jeliku on your office table so you can play with it when you’re stressed.

Jeliku is an excellent corporate and business gift. Print your logo on Jeliku and bulk them up. Give it away to customers and employees as a company gift. To effectively promote your brand and foster a sense of community within your organization. Send us an inquiry now to customize your custom promotional item-Jeliku.

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